From “just-broken” to “gate-ready” to horses returning after a layoff, the staff and facilities at Woodford Thoroughbreds can accommodate all levels of training. Where each horse is individually cared for and looked over from top to bottom each day.

The large staff allows for young horses to receive one-on-one attention, with a 5:1 horse to groom ratio. This emphasis on quality creates a safe atmosphere and gives every horse the attention necessary for it to reach its full potential.


We begin by taking each horse and creating a specialized program that fits its individual needs. This insures each horse will reach its full potential from day one.

5/8 Track

Maintaining this track is a top priority. Harrowed for two to three hours twice a day, the track is always ready for the up to 80 horses that exercise on it daily.

1 1/2 Gallop

This European style track offers a mile and a half of turf through the woods. This is very therapeutic for training horses and offers a much different experience than what horses receive on the racetrack.


The benefits of swimming a horse in training are manifold. It increases stamina and cardiovascular strength in a non weight bearing manner, which helps younger horses because it doesn’t strain joints and/or bone. This is why it’s also particularly effective for building fitness in a horse coming back from a layoff due to injury. We’ve also found the exercise of swimming to be good mentally for our horses.